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Environmental Policy

Endotec Ltd are committed to continually improving its operations and management systems in order to protect and improve the environment. In order to help us to achieve this goal we have implemented, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO14001.

The performance of our service activities is to be managed in a manner commensurate with the achievement of the following environmental objectives:

  • Full compliance with all relevant environmental regulations, legislation, industry specific standards, licences and customer specified requirements
  • Prevention of all forms of pollution to air, land or water
  • Reduction in volumes of waste and increased levels of recycling where possible
  • Optimised vehicle mileage in order to reduce fuel usage and associated carbon emissions
  • Use of environmentally friendly chemicals

To maintain the highest possible standards we adopt a strategy of continual improvement of our high performance consistent with available technology and current knowledge.

This policy has the full support and commitment of the management team who are responsible for providing the resources and infrastructure for its successful implementation, through the efforts of all our employees and business partners.

We all share an obligation to minimise the impact of our business activity upon the environment, to promote the use of sustainable resources whenever practicable and to discourage any practice which is either wasteful or potentially harmful.

We have a moral duty to safeguard the environment to ensure the needs of future generations can be satisfied.

A copy of this policy is available to the public and other intrested parties via our website

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