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Lindsey Oil Refinery is owned by Total UK and is the third largest oil refinery in the country processing 10 million tons of crude per annum.  It uses some of the most advanced refining and conversion processes in the industry enable the refinery to process over forty different types of crude oil.
Endotec have been working with Lindsey Oil Refinery since 2003 supporting their own in-house technician who works on their valves full time. When this engineer was off for two weeks, Endotec were asked to step in to handle an urgent batch of 15 relief valves.

The Solution

The 15 valves averaging 6” and 8” in size included both inlet and outlet valves. Endotec collected the valves and using their state of the art workshop and experienced team of engineers and technicians turned around the valves in only 3-4 days. Normally this would take a week or more.
Lindsey Oil Refinery relies on being able to be flexible and efficient in order to meet changes in market demand and Endotec’s proactive approach is something they value highly.

Just another example of how determined Endotec are to ‘go the extra mile’ for their customers.