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HSE Statement


Our HSE targets are:

  • Zero lost Time Accidents or Environmental Incidents
  • Achieve a Recordable Accident Frequency better than 1.5 x 20-5hrs
  • Ensure no injuries to others affected by our work
  • 100% conformance to Health, Safety and Environmental auditing.
  • Senior Management Team, minimum 1 MBWA (Management by Walking About) per Month
  • All Supervisors to carry out 1 Safety Audit per week
  • Support the supervisors role in managing safety in the work place
  • Score >85% on Endotec MBWA (Management by Walking About)
  • Managers and supervisors never personally deficient in PPE
  • Increase near miss reporting by 10%.
  • Ensure effective close out of all near miss/safety concern reports
  • Encourage a positive attitude to best practice and recognise good performance
  • Commit everyone to a target of no personal injuries and no Environmental incidents

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